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What's In My Yoga Bag?

Ever wonder what you should keep in your yoga bag? Or show up to class and wish you would have brought something with you? If you're like me, you probably forgot what it was by the time you got to your car or didn't think to write it down because "you won't forget." I have been in this situation too many times. So a few weeks ago I wrote out a list. Then over the next week I added to it as I took classes and taught. Since putting together my bag I have not had a moment where I wished I had something but didn't.

So, What's In The Bag?

I've separated things into different Essentials Categories; Pre + Post Class, Class, Teaching, and Extras.

Pre + Post Class Essentials -

  1. Facial Cleansing Cloths to get that sweat off my face ASAP

  2. Deodorant because, OF COURSE

  3. Rose Water - LOVE LOVE LOVE rose water! It smells nice and is a good refresher after class without reacting to to the sweat poorly like body mists | perfumes

  4. Eye Drop - I wear contacts and sometimes the heated studio really dries out my peepers

  5. Extra hair ties | scrunchies just in case I forget or one breaks

  6. Chapstick - my lips can get dry like my eyes

  7. Hand Sanitizer - COVID

  8. Extra Mask - COVID

  9. Hand Lotion

  10. Tissues

  11. Tampons | Liners

Class Essentials -

  1. Yoga Mat

  2. Towel - for body sweat. I am personally not a fan of mat towels

  3. 2 blocks - due to COVID not all studios offering props

  4. Strap - same as the reason for blocks

Teaching Essentials -

  1. Copy of my class sequence - just in case

  2. My yoga journal - I like to take notes on what worked and what didn’t, reflect and remember anything that came up durn class.

  3. Pens | highlighter

  4. Business Cards

  5. Mini Planner

Extra Essentials -

  1. Protein bar | snacks

  2. Essential oils - for those moments when I need a little motivation or to easy aches and pains

  3. Wet Bag - for sweaty clothes (not pictured)

  4. Change of clothes (not pictured)

What’s in your yoga bag?

What do you always take with you to class? Share below!

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