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Take Charge of Your Wellness

Bring Wellness into your everyday

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What is happening to me??

Wellness seems to be a struggle spot for so many. There are so many conflicting views on what "wellness" actually means. Should we be dairy and gluten free? Cut Carbs? Plant Based? What exercise is best? Should I take all these supplements? The questions go on and on and only add to the confusion. And after all the research I'm left feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

It seemed like I hit 30 and everything in my body changed. I couldn't loose weight like I used to, I needed even more activity than before and I had acne like my teen years. Plus, I was exhausted. All The Time. I ate more salads, did extra cardio, went to yoga 5 times a week or more. And I still did not feel or look like myself. And I was still gaining weight.

Next steps...

I addressed the outside. I worked with my diet. What was I eating? What could I change so I could feel good? After lots of trial and error with eating plans I found that, for me personally, a low carb diet worked best for my body. I learned that no matter how much I worked out, it didn't hold a candle to what I was putting in my body. I have a friend who says fitness starts in the kitchen, damn, was she right.

Once I figured out what worked for my body I was a drill sergeant! I tracked everything; water intake, macros, calories, I weighed everything I ate. I walked or hit the elliptical 3-5 days a week and was on my yoga mat for an hour everyday. I took my body measurements and weighted myself to track my progress. I was obsessed. I had a goal in my mind. After 6 months I hit that goal. I had envisioned fireworks going off and being so happy. BUT while the numbers on the scale had changed, my mindset had not. I hit that goal and celebrated, A LOT! And by celebrate, I mean I quit being active and I quit eating well. Before I knew it, I was no longer where I "wanted" to be. I was upset, sad, and a little angry.

I was mentally beating myself up. I reached the goal, yet I couldn't stay there, and my mindset was the same as it was before I even started this journey. In less time I was back at where I started and the inner dialogue was worse. Eventually I realized, I wasn't staying at my goal because of that same old mindset. Because the mindset wasn't there I didn't have accountability for myself. Lightbulb moment: I had to love myself as I am before I would be happy with the outcome of my efforts.

Mindset Shift

I looked back at what I had accomplished. I really took the time to review and reflect on what I had done. What worked and what didn't. It was clear that I was out of balance. My life was so rigid. Did it work? YES, it definitely did but there is no way it was sustainable long term. I thought about all the times I "slipped up". How did I react to that? I was harsh, I said things to myself I would never say to another human. Shouldn't I treat myself with the loving kindness I would a friend or even better, a child?

How to change this negative self talk? Affirmations! I have done this before here and there but it hasn't really stuck. I wasn't giving it the priority it deserved. Now I was at a point where it was time to stop saying I didn't have time and to make this a priority in my life. To keep things simple I picked just 3. And provided myself with 5 minutes a day to write them down, 3 times each. Any time a negative though popped up, I stopped. Told it goodbye and said one of the affirmations to myself in its place.

How do I take charge? Journal! Why didn't I see this before? I spent some time dreaming about my ideal wellness life. What were the results I was looking for? And more importantly looking for on the inside. I want to wake up feeling energized, I want to hop on my mat with enthusiasm, I want to eat (and LOVE) the foods that love my body back. I new the steps to get there but how can I do that again? I looked at my day. When do I have energy for certain activities? I love waking up in the early morning to read, do yoga, or meditate. I find a creative flow for writing late mornings/early afternoons. I decided to try designing my day around my energy levels and the actions that would get me back to my results.

Put it all together

I started with giving up caffeine, no TV before bed and getting up super early (4am, I know it's not for everyone but it has been amazing). Once I felt I had that rolling I added daily yoga, meditation and journaling. All while still writing my affirmations everyday. Then I added the nutrition element and drinking more water. I haven't felt overwhelmed. The affirmations have become a cheerleader, and I am able to celebrate each little success without over doing it. I am right back on track for my goals and my mindset has changed so much since last year. I feels so good to love myself as I am, unconditionally, instead of thinking that I will love myself because I accomplished a task.

Interested in trying it for yourself? I created a fun worksheet to help you design your Ideal Day and Create your Personal Positive Affirmations. Get it HERE! A few books that helped to inspire me, and I highly recommend reading them in general.

Change your Schedule, Change your Life by Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar with Michelle Seaton

I loved this booked! Helped me to see where and when different activities would benefit my life best. Here is where I decided to nix TV before bed, too.

Happy Mind Happy Life by Dr. Ragan Chatterjee

I started listening to this book yesterday. I have not finished it yet BUT it is one I already would recommend to any and everyone. So good! And so far really ties into the ideas with the worksheet.

You're Too Good to Feel This Bad by Nate Dallas

I have not actually read this book yet. Jake has and shared along the way all the awesome ideas to implement. This is where we decided to try waking up at 4am and eliminating caffeine.

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