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Lavender Spray

I got this recipe from our first pediatrician when we moved to Georgia. There’s endless uses for this little spray. And it’s one I can’t live without. I can never thank her enough for this versatile recipe.

My top 5 favorite ways to spray:

  1. Linen/Room Spray - I like 2-3 sprays on my pillow before bed. or I’ll give a couple spritz to the kids rooms to wind down.

  2. Body Spray - Just how I like to give the linens and rooms a refresh, I like to 2-3 sprays on myself to help me destress, relax and wind down. This has become my bedtime ritual.

  3. Insect Repellent - A great option to avoid the nasty chemicals in traditional bug sprays.

  4. Anti-Itch Spray - Perfect to relieve itchy eczema and insect bits. Bonus, it’s anti inflammatory!

  5. Monster Spray - YUP! The kiddos even ask me to spray under the bed and in the closet to keep the monsters away.

There’s so many more ways to use Lavender and a quick Pinterest search will have you down the rabbit hole in no time! Have fun finding more uses and share your favorites below.

Lavender Essential Oil Spray

20 drops Lavender essential oil
Distilled Water
Witch Hazel or vodka
Blue or amber 2oz glass spray bottle

Place 20 drops of lavender oil into your spray bottle. Add a splash of Witch Hazel or vodka and top off with distilled water. Replace the cap. Shake and you’re ready to go! It’s so easy.

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