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Digital Detox



I cannot believe it! We made it 8 WHOLE DAYS!!! It all started at dinner. We always try to ask each other our highlights of the day. We all go around the table and share. And we love to hear what made each of us smile for the day. It's a great way to connect. ANYWAY... we're out at a restaurant and one of us keeps looking, NAY, STARING at the TV overhead.


Jake swoops in with a shocking statement. "That's it! No technology for a week!" I could hear the record scratch. Long story short another day was added and when we got ourselves into bed I said it would be more impactful if we did it too. So we all set out on an adventure to have NO TECH for 8 days.



Kids -

  • No tablets | iPads

  • No TV

  • No Xbox

  • No anything digital - included but not limited to; Retro GameBoy, KidiBuzz, VTech Watch, etc., etc.

Grown-Ups -

  • No TV

  • No Xbox

  • No tablets | iPads

  • Phones for Business Purposes is acceptable

  • Computers for Business Purposes only

  • Social Media limited to bathroom breaks (yeah, I know...)



The kids did great! Amazing, actually! They knew the rules and after a day, there was no whining or complaining about not having it any more. They found books again! They were getting along better. Less attitude. More willingness to help out around the house. Lots of art projects and creative play. So. Much. Imagination. Happening.

For us, it was a struggle. I mean, I LOVE TV! Sometimes the only way I can get on my yoga mat is if I do it while watching TV, sad, I know. If there is something I don't like to do, I will do it while watching TV. Folding laundry, watching TV. Doing my nails, watching TV. Making dinner, watching TV. Cleaning house, watching TV, going to bed, watching TV. Yeah, it's bad.

Somehow, we made it too! It was a struggle. But I made it. I was even able to fall asleep without the TV. I did listen to a Yoga Nidra practice the first night because that is guaranteed to knock me out. And I used my lavender spray and my favorite night time yoga postures. But after that it was amazing to fall asleep on my own. I was so tired from the days activities that I was ready to fall asleep when I hit my pillow. I was able to tackle more projects and spend more time being PRESENT with those I love. Even though I was able to use my phone for business I didn't. I didn't work on my blog, recording yoga videos, or posting to Instagram | Facebook, with the exception of a Digital Detox announcement post and a Fourth of July post.


So what are we doing now? We have decided that we are limiting the kids screen time to 1 hour each per day. And only after all their chores are done. I made the decision to only watch TV sometimes before bed and while I am folding laundry. So far we have only watched TV before bed a couple of times. And I haven't watched it while doing laundry and that's not for a lack of doing laundry! I haven't been on social media much, either. I am so surprised at the changes that have occured in only doing this for 8 days.

Over all, it brought us closer together, helped us to accomplish more, and made us live in the here and now. The best gift was the present moment and being all in when it counts the most. We all were smiling more often than not. And the kids had more fun than ever! I highly recommend giving it a try. Let me know how it goes for you. And how you did it, did you change anything about the process, add to, delete? I cannot wait to hear how it made you feel!!!

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