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The Universe Always Has A Plan: Book Report

The Universe Always Has A Plan: The 10 Golden Rules of Letting Go by Matt Kahn

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I finished my first book from the Summer Reads Challenge! 🎉

I'll start by saying, in the first chapter I was not on board. But the author called me out! It pulled me right back in, giving this little book second chance. Let's dive in...

I love how Kahn breaks it down into 10 bite size chunks. He provides the rule, includes a personal story to illustrate his point and then provides a mantra and exercise to incorporate these rules for letting go into your daily life. He even provides a little myth busting, which I really enjoyed. I definitely read through the entire book without including the practices. Now that I have finished I am excited to work through each chapter again. So many of the "rules" are similar to other things I have read or learned over the years but having them together in a quick read with easy actionable steps makes this book very convenient to incorporate into your everyday.

"If self-compassion is the attribute cultivated in Golden Rule #1, then forgiveness is a willingness to show equal compassion to all hearts, no matter the roles anyone plays."

The first rule is all about self compassion and rewiring how we see the roles we play in the story of others and in our own. We cannot be who we are today, or who we are meant to be in the future, without our past and the "players" who grace the stage. Can you step back and accept that you've done nothing wrong? This was were I stepped back and thought, "woah, woah, what about taking responsibility?" But I kept on reading and I am happy I did.

The next four rules dive into forgiveness and stepping out of the victimhood mindset. Reading through the exercises made me aware that I have some work to do. I love that almost all the exercises are journaling. I used to journal all the time, in recent years I journal because it's been a requirement for teacher training. But I do enjoy it and tell myself all the time I want to get back into it. I see this as an opportunity to get the ball rolling.

"You may not immediately get what you want, but you will always get exactly what you need..."

The idea that the Universe always has a plan can be so scary to our ego. Our ego wants it now but now might not be the right time. Kahn explains that we will receive all that we desire but only at the moment is is meant to arrive. He goes on further to say that if you are sad it's not because you're unhappy but because it is part of your healing journey. You may want X now, but you may not be "ready' to receive it, so the Universe gives you Y because it is what you need right now, in this moment, to be ready to receive X (what you really want) in the future. He explains is so much better!

I love the new perspective lens to see life through. It opens my eyes to see disheartening situations as opportunities for growth where otherwise I would have seen only the option of wallowing in disappointment. And it's a reminder to stay in the here and now, the present moment, where happiness resides.

"Spiritual evolution is the act of bringing awareness to the energies and emotions within you, but it is creativity that teaches us how to express and release it."

Rule #9 was probably the most profound for me. All about anger and releasing emotions through creativity. Projecting anger depletes us, it is physically and mentally exhausting! And it only hurts you. Kahn suggests that "the energy of anger is an eruption of unexpressed passion." To that I say YES!!! He says to use your creativity to express yourself and release that passion. The resonated so much with me. I now have all these ideas swirling about to get creative and express myself.

"You are not here to be perfect. You are here to embrace how perfect you already are."

Between these pages are great lessons and exercises to add to your daily life. I really enjoyed this read and would definitely recommend to a spiritual seeker, yogi, or someone looking to heal and let go. Let me know what you thought of this book or if you intend to read it, here or on social!

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